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PLEASE READ THE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY - incomplete or incorrect replies will cause delays in the application process

This form is for Nepali host institutions to apply for a US Fulbright Specialist.

Addition Application Form information:
  1. Every question has a maximum limit of 2,500 characters (including spaces)
  2. It is expected that you will separately attach:
    1. a CV for your requested Specialist (maximum two pages)
    2. letters of support from all the involved host institutions on each institution’s individual letterhead
    3. the signed and scanned copy of “Contact Information for Person Responsible for Cost Sharing Arrangements” page.
  3. Save the application form and all the documents detailed above as one single PDF document.
  4. Upload your entire application package as one single PDF document through the above website by 4 p.m., Monday, March 6, 2017.

To start your application process, please press the ‘Start Application Process’ button below

Your Application ID is:

Please record your Application ID in a safe and secure place.

If there are technical issues with the system, or you want to complete your application some other time, you will need: (1) your Application ID, and (2) your Date of Birth.

Please note that you need to have entered at least the basic personal information sought on the next page before you can re-log in using the application ID and date birth.

In addition, you will be automatically logged out of the online application system if you do not complete each page within 40 minutes. You would then need to log in using your application ID and your date of birth to regain access to your application.

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